Monday, July 30, 2018

Working on a New Blog

Oh my goodness, I haven't posted in a while! If you're into humor intermixed with deep philosophical shower thoughts, you should check out my new blog here.

This is an experimental blog on explaining the madness in this world, as well as myself. There's an introductory post on sex muffins as well, if you're into that sort of stuff.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pet Orb Specialization Bonuses

This table's formulas were taken from this site:, formulas provided by Monochrome. I had to modify the script a little bit to make it work in Blogger. Input pet stats into the table below to see what your orb bonuses are (Spirit Orb Bonus is without pet specialization).
Pet Orb Bonus:
Defense (without equips):

Friday, July 29, 2016

Player Damage to Monsters

This chart shows how much damage you will do to a monster based on your current stats. Here are some guidelines to help you:
Player Damage Calc:
Player Attack Stat:
Player Critical Multiplier (decimal):
Weapon Dmg+Special Dmg:
Sum of Stats From Gear:
Monster Defense:

Player Attack Stat = amount of strength/range/magic/artillery you have
Player Critical Multiplier = your multiplier as a decimal (e.g. 4.5 if fully upgraded in skills menu)
Weapon Dmg + Special Dmg = the amount of damage your weapon does, plus any ice/fire effects if there are any (choose the maximum value to see the maximum damage you might do)
Sum of Stats From Gear = sum of strength/range/magic/artillery you get from gear such as helmets, armors, legs, and boots (choose one of strength/range/magic/artillery only!)
Monster Defense = defense of monster (constant)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Monster Damage to Players

This table shows the amount of damage a monster will do to a player given their armor and defense stats. Credits to SNIPER_MAGE for the formulas!
Monster Damage Calc:
Helmet Defense:
Armor Defense:
Legs Defense:
Shoes Defense:
Player Defense:
Enemy Power:

Defense to Tank Monsters

This table shows the amount of additional defense needed to tank a monster. This means that with the armor you have on, you need the shown amount of defense in addition to the armor to tank the monster. (NOTE: defense is rounded up to the nearest integer)

This table is pretty self explanatory - helmet defense is the defense of your helmet, armor defense is the defense of your armor and so on.

The new defense formula to find out enemy to player damage is: (random integer between enemyPower*0.4 to enemyPower*0.7) - Math.Sqrt(playerDefense*sum of all equips)

The formula to find out what you need to tank a monster is: (random integer between enemyPower*0.4 and enemyPower*0.7)^2/(sum of all armor equips)

Credits to SNIPER_MAGE for providing the formula and helping with the table!
Defense Calc:
Helmet Defense:
Armor Defense:
Legs Defense:
Shoes Defense:
Shield Defense:
Enemy Power:

Monday, July 11, 2016

Damage Calculators + Monster Stats

I took the time to make a data table of the stats of every monster in Helmet Heroes, and you can sort it by name, health, defense, speed, XP, money, height, or power by clicking the labels in the first row. I also added the data table under the damage calculators to make monster stats much easier to access. Here are the links:

-Damage to Monsters (Archers)
-Damage to Monsters (Cowboys)
-Damage to Monsters (Mages)
-Damage to Monsters (Warriors)
-Complete List of Monster Stats

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tickets Cost

Too lazy to use an actual calculator? Don't know how many books you can buy? Want to give my blog more views? Use this "Tickets Cost" Calculator today!
Ticket Costs Calc:
Tickets Amount:
Full Cost per ticket: